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What Crazy Ingredients Make Thai Food Taste SO GOOD?! (Best Thai Food in Chiang Mai)


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‘Laap’ might be my favorite of all Thai dishes, and in Chiang Mai tonight, at “Witi Laap” Restaurant, we’re gonna learn how Thai food can be just SO GOOD – thank you for joining us 🙂

So, in case you were unaware, there are some crazy ingredients in Laap. If its made in the traditional way, possibly both the cooking style and the stuff going into it could just leave you thinking twice…

Fear not, for tonight we will explore together one of the coolest and most tasty Thai dishes, learn more about one of the world’s most meaty ‘salads,’ and find out why Laap definitely NEEDS to be on your next table of Thai food.

Thank you again for watching, for hanging out with us, for spending time sharing some thoughts and comments about Laap! I love hearing about everything to do with Laap really, I think it could be my favorite Thai dish – thank you for taking the time to support this video.

So I am already off again on the next trip, it was good to be home and get my fill of excellent Thai food, but the next videos again are going to be abroad. Yahoo!! So let’s go :).

Love Joel and Li.

Find ‘Witi Laap’ Restaurant in down-town Chiang Mai, and here on Google Maps

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