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Thai Food Invention Test | MasterChef Australia Junior | S02 EP19


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In this intense episode of Junior MasterChef Australia, the top six contestants face a Mystery Box challenge with a twist – a conveyor belt delivering unpredictable ingredients. The young chefs must showcase their skills under pressure to impress the judges and secure a spot in the finale. With surprises, strategic cooking, and unexpected outcomes, who will emerge victorious and who will face elimination? Watch the drama unfold in this thrilling episode!


Get ready for a culinary showdown in Junior MasterChef Australia! Young chefs, aged 8 to 12, battle it out with their creative flair in the kitchen, whipping up delicious and innovative dishes. This spin-off of the renowned MasterChef Australia features budding talents showcasing their culinary skills under the guidance of expert mentors. With over 5,000 eager participants auditioning from across the nation, every episode is packed with excitement, inspiration, and mouthwatering creations. Watch as these talented youngsters cook up a storm and impress judges with their passion for food and determination to succeed. Join the cooking extravaganza and witness the next generation of culinary superstars emerge!


Welcome to MasterChef World TV, the ultimate destination to watch complete episodes of MasterChef from all corners of the globe. Experience the passion, skill, and creativity of home cooks as they embark on their transformative journey in the kitchen. Dive deep into a universe of flavours, traditions, and intricate cooking techniques. Here, every dish tells a story, and every episode is a new adventure. Join us for a world of culinary discovery.


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