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United States Law

ThailandTV.tv is hosted and operates in the United States and hence is subject to US copyright laws, including fair use and the Digital Millennial Copyright Act. Any DMCA complaints should be sent to thailandtvnews@gmail.com

Thailand Law

While this website is not hosted in Thailand and hence is covered by U.S. copyright law and not Thai copyright law, it does attempt to use best practices in complying with Thai law including attribution.

Under the Thai Copyright Act of 1994, a person is not deemed to be infringing on a copyright if the act is not in conflict with a normal exploitation of the copyright work and is not unreasonably prejudicing the legitimate interests of the copyright owner.

This includes Section 32 (4) that provides an exception for infringement of copyright that includes “news reporting through mass media with an acknowledgement of the ownership of copyright in such work.”ThailandTV.tv makes its best efforts to attribute any video, pictures of a news event. If the event attribution has not been included – (for example police photos are public domain) Please contact thailandtvtv@gmail.com to either added attribution or remove photo or video.