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Burning Season In Chiang Mai – Living In Thailand | Smoky Season North Thailand


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Burning Season In Chiang Mai – Living In Thailand | Smoky Season North Thailand

Burning Season in Northern Thailand is the time from February to April when the region’s arid weather causes vegetation to dry up. Sometimes, the intensity of the weather makes vegetation catch fire. As a result, air quality during this period is very poor and can affect your breathing.

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Except for the Philippines ( have yet to travel there ๐Ÿ˜Š )


My mission is to help others let go of the mentality that enjoying your life to the fullest and traveling the world is for the young or the rich. To help others develop the tools to create the life that you want, no matter your age, financial standing, or past. To share my experiences with the world to inspire others to live free, love loud, and travel more. โค๏ธ
For Travel Consultation for South and Southeast Asia:

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You can leave this info when you pay through PayPal, leaving a memo or message, or you can DM me through my IG account, letting me know you’ve paid in full, under what name and the rest I’ve already stated about, time, date, contact, etc.

If you prefer to pay through Cash app, just message me and let me know, and I can send you the link; just click on the links down below. I look forward to meeting you.

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