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Why Kafkaesque is understood all over the world


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Franz Kafka’s unsettling texts captivate millions of readers worldwide and have made him one of the most widely read German-language authors. 100 years after his death, his works seem as relevant as ever. New generations of readers relate to his nightmarish, bizarre stories in novels like “The Metamorphosis” and “The Trial”. Directors, painters, writers and dancers from all over the world still find inspiration in Kafka today.

This despite the writer being full of self-doubt and wishing to be forgotten after his death. His last will and testament stipulated that all unpublished texts be burned without exception. Fortunately, his friend Max Brod ignored his wish and preserved for the world classic texts that seem both universal and contemporary.
Arts Unveiled meets international Kafka experts to find out how the writer found the perfect form to express the anxiety of human existence, and why we all experience life as “Kafkaesque” on a more of less daily basis.

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00:00 Introduction
01:32 Who Was Kafka?
04:22 What Did Kafka Write?
07:14 What Makes Kafka So Relevant?
10:37 How Kafka Inspires Other Artists
13:19 What Exactly Does “Kafkaesque” Mean?

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