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Why Is Thai Gold So CHEAP? (Explained)


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When it comes to precious metals, gold is the one that people admire the most for its timeless beauty and status as a symbol of wealth.

Usually, it’s also expensive, but there’s one exception: Thai gold.

Whether you’re a jewelry enthusiast or a precious metal investor, you may wonder: Is gold cheaper in Thailand? What are the unique factors that set it apart in the global market?

And that’s exactly what you’ll find out today.

We’ll cover the following:

– Thailand’s gold reserves
– Government policies and regulations
– Labor costs
– Cultural significance and demand
– Lots more!


00:00 Intro
01:29 Abundance of Local Gold Mines
02:18 Lower Labor Costs
03:12 Government Policies and Regulations
04:19 Cultural Significance and Demand
05:21 Market Dynamics and Global Influences
06:10 The Benefits of Cheap Thai Gold
07:15 Investing in Thai Gold (And Selling It)

Full article: https://goldandsilvercentral.com/why-is-thai-gold-so-cheap/

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