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7:04 AM, Wednesday, 17 April 2024

What I Wish I Knew About Success | A Monk’s Perspective


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Growing up, I was told how to live. Specially, how to be successful. Success showed up in the form of status, money, career, partner, children, house, etc. And coming to the United States as an immigrant, I quickly subscribed to these goals and standards. But many years later, my life took a completely different turn and I wanted to take this moment to reflect back on this concept of success. I wanted to pull out the wisdom and share it in hopes that it helps someone along their own journey. I hope this is helpful. Enjoy! #buddhism #monks #mentalhealth


0:00 Intro
9:02 Is this it?
10:43 Is there an end to success?
11:53 What i wish i knew about success
12:31 You don’t have to follow it
13:32 There are options
19:50 Takeaway


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