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What Can $1,500 Get in LUXURY Bangkok (The World's Most Visited City) 🇹🇭


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It is time to visit the epic city of Bangkok, but this time we will be showing you a luxury side of the city that has never been seen from his angle on YouTube. We came up with some of the most luxurious experiences you can find in this city in order to spend nearly $1,500.

Places I visited in this video:
1. Class Bespoke Tailor: https://maps.app.goo.gl/s2uJj4T5TUqd69oA9
2. Loft Thai Spa & Wellness – (+66) 08 20 06 03 54
https://www.loft-thai.com & Location https://maps.app.goo.gl/rHEHv1y5L3HPjpgk9
3. The Rooftop Lounge & Viewpoint: https://gyg.me/rjONx3O6
4. The Hotel: https://booking.tp.st/Lp6Nhiql
5. Luxury Dinner Boat Cruise: https://bit.ly/BangkokDinnerCruise
6. ICON Siam Mall: https://maps.app.goo.gl/sxLj2hgD7jKJjeCQ9

My clothing brand: https://worldperception.store/
Thailand E-book Pre-order SALE: https://worldnomac.com/product/pre-order-the-ultimate-thailand-travel-guide-e-book/

00:00 – Introduction
00:49 – First visit to Tailor
17:15 – Checking into the hotel
20:35 – Room tour of the hotel
30:09 – Lunch inside the hotel
37:03 – Going out to Mahanakhan rooftop
43:18 – Room Service Meal
48:43 – Exotic Special Massage
01:01:06 – Fitting at the Tailor
01:06:47 – Luxury Dinner Cruise with @Mabelleofficial
01:18:43 – Coffee at ICON SIAM Mall
01:27:05 – Getting my custom suit from the tailor

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