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Uncensored Pattaya, MIT, through Myth Night to Sois 6,7 & 8 21st March


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A tour of Pattaya Nightlife starting through Soi Made in Thailand, through Myth Night & Sois 7,8 & 6

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Bullet Group of Bars in Pattaya, Jomtien & Pratumnak: https://bit.ly/3OXNwIZ

If you want to visit my wifes Salon in Cosy Beach



Latest video on other channel

Bangkok Soi 11 https://youtu.be/gSaImx2MVBg

Ming Xing Video https://youtu.be/dPgpzV8e-4Y

Looking for a Gents Club? Or if you know any I’ve missed let me know
Map here https://bit.ly/3aqgKi1

If you are filmed and wish to be removed from the video “before it is posted”, please contact me by email [email protected] After the video is live the only alteration I can make is to the thumbnail.

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Daytime in Central Pattaya

Testing the new Bike

Heaven Club, starring Nong Nuy, Kaew, App & BeeBee

Why film on a Bicycle

Traditional video makers tend to walk, which unless great care is taken, produces a bounce in the video footage. I find filming on a motorbike can be too fast, not allowing you to take in the scenery. The bicycle allows me to interact with people whilst providing smooth footage. If you find it is still too fast, then you can slow the video speed down to half speed, which will still be 30 frames per second. Industry normal is 24/25 frames per second.

Why doesn’t the footage look clear

Sometimes I make an error when shooting the video (but very rarely) The most common cause is that your internet connection on YT has set the resolution to below 4K, so check your settings.

Camera Equipment

Since starting the channel I have used my trusty DJI Osmo Pocket 2 (Creator combo) I am now using the Pocket 3
The Combo comes with a Bluetooth microphone which has given great performance, even when riding at speed. I film at 4K & 60 frames per second, my light and ISO settings are on Auto. The Camera is strapped to my left wrist (so it might appear that I am close to things on the left). I control the Camera head via an application on my phone (Mimo), using my right hand Thumb.

Camera Link : bit.ly/44KJoRZ now upgraded to Pocket 3
Wrist strap : bit.ly/43JbBHB

Bike Hire in Pattaya

There are several who offer bicycle hire services. The two I tend to recommend are



Both of these offer regular Bicycles and Hybrid options.

My Bike

My E-Bike was purchased form an online seller in Bangkok, Iker Salas, who has provided me with Televisions for years.

He can be reached at




Why do you say your videos are Uncensored

Back in April 2022 YouTube changed the Algorithm they use. They have very sophisticated computers that scan each & every video for words, images and music. Hearing the music when you pass a bar usually creates a Copywrite issue on the channel. A bigger issue is night filming in Pattaya. Really just about any bar scenes causes the video to be classed as Adult content. I have tried cutting my videos into small segments, and uploading them individually, these still were deemed as unsuitable for advertisers. So with this in mind, I do not monetize my videos, so you should not see any advertisements. I rely solely on my Members and those who subscribe to my other channel “David Strachan Living in Pattaya”

I try and show the current exchange rates each Friday, however here is a link to the same company where you will always get todays rate.


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