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Top 10 Best Places To Live Well on $1,000 Per Month


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After traveling the world, these are my top picks for 10 places to live under $1k per month, giving you a complete budget and full cost-of-living breakdown for each location. Plus, info on healthcare, housing, food, and more. Watch next: Best Places To Live in Portugal: https://youtu.be/VH9tBtk5yq4

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00:00 – Intro
00:39 – 10th Place
3:38 – 9th Place
6:26 – 8th Place
7:52 – 7th Place
10:11 – 6th Place
12:16 – 5th Place
15:04 – 4th Place
17:27 – 3rd Place
19:18 – 2nd Place
23:13 – 1st Place

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* Expat Insider https://www.internations.org/expat-insider/
* Expatistan
* Livingcost.org
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* Personal records and travel expenses


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