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This is a Thai language learning channel. We can learn from world events.miami beach problems


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In Thailand, being able to speak Thai will make your daily life easier.

Communication: When taking a taxi, negotiating, shopping, ordering food at a restaurant, etc. become easier.

Cultural understanding: Language is closely related to culture. By learning Thai, you will gain a deeper understanding of Thai culture and traditions.

Employment Opportunities: When looking for a job in Thailand, Thai language skills are often required.

Safety: In case of an emergency or problem, speaking Thai will make it easier to ask for help.
It is also important from a security perspective, such as when responding to medical institutions and communicating with the police.

Tourism: Thai is also useful when visiting tourist destinations in Thailand. Interactions with local people will become richer.

That’s why we offer an easy-to-understand way to learn Thai.

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▽Table of contents
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02:58 miami beach problems_2
05:32 miami beach problems_3
08:07 Learning Word

” Learning English Podcast – Beach Security, Gazan Gay, Congo Fossil Fuels ” by VOA Learning English is licensed underCC BY 3.0

Learning English Podcast – Beach Security, Gazan Gay, Congo Fossil Fuels

VOA Learning English

CC BY 3.0 

10 minutes of Thai language learning.
This channel is a translation of “Voice of English”.
Speakers are Ashley Thompson and Dan Novak.
The commentator is
Gregory Stockwell, Faith Perlow, Andrew Smith. john russell
Brian Lamb etc.
Please use it for learning Thai.

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