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The Story and Secrets of Thailand’s Legendary Crispy Pork


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This week, we explore the best versions of Thailand’s beloved crispy pork, and trace the links to Cantonese roasted meats. And most of all, we overdo it on some of the world’s best pork belly- because as most people here will tell you, everything’s better with Moo Krob. Thanks to @ChineseCookingDemystified and @theroamingcook for joining us for this video. So much fun as always.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:18 – The Pig of Wall Street
4:37 – Guay Jub Mr. Jo
6:55 – Chef Gaa’s Secrets
9:27 – Adam Service
10:25 – Five Sisters and Two YouTubers
13:22 – Mrs. Ju
14:44 – The Connection
18:14 – Khao Moo Daeng
20:35 – Prachak Roast Duck
23:09 – Hong Kong and Siu Yuk
26:39 – Chinese Cooking Demystified
28:53 – Technique
32:58 – What Makes Moo Krob Special
35:55 – Everything’s Better with Moo Krob

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