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The DRAMA Filled Past of Monstera Thai Constellation | Pretty in Green Documentary


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0:00 Intro
0:20 Intro to Monstera Thai Constellation
0:32 Origin of Monstera Thai Constellation
0:42 Origin of Monstera Deliciosa
0:55 Where did Monstera Thai Constellation Come from?
1:08 Puerto Rico Thai Constellation
1:16 Mr. Jiew Unyamanee
1:25 Barry Yinger
1:28 How the Monstera Thai Constellation made it to the US
1:47 Asiatica Nursery introducing Thai Constellation
1:53 Who Named the Monstera Thai Constellation
2:04 Other names for Monstera Thai Constellation
2:12 Monstera Albo Maculata
2:15 Salt & Pepper Monstera
2:17 Monstera Cheesesteak
2:19 Split Leaf Philodendron
2:23 MutantPalm.com
2:40 Oldest Monstera Thai Constellation
2:56 Costa Farms wins TPIE 2020
3:14 How did Thai Constellation come into tissue culture?
3:20 Kasetsart University Bangkok Thai Constellation Tissue Culture
3:27 Monstera Thai Constellation was a Natural Mutant
3:43 The First Tissue Culture of Monstera Thai Constellation
3:48 Monstera Thai Constellation in Tissue Culture in 2015
4:50 Monstera Thai Constellation TPIE Win New Indoor Plant of the Year 2020
5:25 Costa Farms Instagram Growth
5:35 Costa Farms Thai Constellation Release
5:55 Justin Hancock of Costa Farms
6:02 Who does Costa Farms Sell to?
6:13 How did Costa Farms win Plant of the Year?
6:28 Fred Meyer Costa Farms Monstera Thai Constellation
6:44 Fred Meyer Floral Buyer Leaked Thai Constellation Store List
6:55 Thai Constellation Monstera Root Rot
7:19 Ashley Anita Thai Constellation Costa Farms Tour
7:46 Costa Farms can no longer produce Thai Constellation
8:23 Costa Farms Thai Constellation Release with Walmart
8:30 Monstera Thai Constellation $600 Costa Farms
8:43 The Critique of Costa Farms
9:03 Cost of Monstera Thai Constellation in 2023
9:40 Sub to the channel! plzzzzz?


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USB Microphone: https://amzn.to/3hMCN1V
Lapel Mic: https://amzn.to/3hMO16q
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Tripod: https://amzn.to/3s1MBJR

In this video, we go over:
Costa Farms Monstera Thai Constellation
Where is the thai constellation from?
How did the thai constellation get its name?
How did the Thai Constellation get the the US
Is the Thai Constellation a Hybrid?

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