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The cost of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand 2023. Retire in Thailand affordably – live in Chiang Mai!


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Here is the real cost of living in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 2023 and 2024. Are you planning to live in Chiang Mai? Are you wondering how to retire in Thailand? The cost to retire in Thailand? Here are the real figures about what it costs to live in Chiang Mai. If you are considering retiring in Thailand, you should consider Chiang Mai.

We don’t just talk about prices. We literally show you. We take you on tours of apartments in the low, medium and high price range. We visit restaurants and see actual meals and what they cost. We discuss motorcycle and transportation costs. Our goal is to not only provide you with helpful information, but make it entertaining as well.

Chiang Mai is much less expensive than Bangkok, Phuket, and the islands, but is a beautiful city, close to nature with plentiful hikes and waterfalls. And few cities are as famous as Chiang Mai for its multitude of great coffee shops and restaurants. It is a foodie paradise, but at a low cost.

Just FYI, one bad thing about Chiang Mai to be aware of is the “smokey season,” or some call it the burning season. This is when farmers burn their crops to regenerate the soil (or to promote mushroom growth) all around the north: Laos, Myanmar, northern Thailand. It turns beautiful Chiang Mai into an unpleasant place (not so bad some years but terrible in 2003), usually. February to April. So you need to factor in that you might want to use these months to travel, either around Thailand (cheap flights and cheap places to stay, but you are maybe paying rent in Chiang Mai while you are gone, so a double expense while away), or to be your annual trip out of Asia or to your home country. Every city seems to have a “bad” aspect – crime, unrest, smog, high costs, et cetera – so we just figure the smokey season is the one bad thing about Chiang Mai, and we work around it in our lives. BTW, 2023 was a bad smokey year, but the years prior were not as bad. We home one day the generational practice of burning crops will lessen.

Part 2 will review health insurance, visas, and give a wrap-up of budget issues.

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00:00 Introduction
01:19 Housing costs
10:08 Food costs: restaurants
13:42 Food costs: grocery stores
15:26 Food costs: outdoor markets
15:47 Transportation
18:04 Closing comments

🛕 Start a New Life In Chiang Mai: 5 Keys to Happiness https://youtu.be/24e7zGQS58Q
❤️ Falling in Love in Chiang Mai https://youtu.be/fA2BR9-jchA
🦟 Never be bit by a mosquito again. Really! https://youtu.be/_utyv2gVQm0
🛕 Chiang Mai Hidden Temple Hike https://youtu.be/pX6JjCrp2Gk
🛕 Chiang Mai’s Hidden Treasures https://youtu.be/5pvm-d3KFcM

🔴 Joy has just started a YouTube channel: Thai with Joy. Learn to speak Thai with her! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NhP38txyTU&t=12s

🔴 I first came to Thailand 7 years ago when my daughter moved here. She is the director of HH Premium Visa in Chiang Mai. She is an authorized agent for elite visas through out Thailand, and also handles retirement visas (but only in the Chiang Mai area). HH Premium Visa Consulting http://hhpremium.com

🏠 All the apartments we showed you were available for rental at the time of filming. Below is the contact information for each location. We have no affiliation, nor do we profit, from these locations:
⚫ Home Place Hotel: +66 53 206 917
⚫ Riverside Condominiums (they have many units at the Riverside Condo complex, but also have apartments elsewhere): Tanitta at [email protected]
⚫ The Astra: Wassana at [email protected]

👕 Retired Global Life merchandise: https://retired-global-life.launchcart.store/shop

🦟 To avoid being bit by mosquitos while in Thailand, order your Picaridin here (not sold in Thai stores): https://tinyurl.com/4xrn7muw

For travel insurance I use Squaremouth. https://www.squaremouth.com

🎬 Action camera: https://tinyurl.com/bdhnaz4p
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🎤 Wireless lav mics: https://tinyurl.com/59n3a795
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🎬 Softbox: https://tinyurl.com/mvje3rhz

TV interruption video courtesy of Vecteezy.com

🎵 I get my music from EpidemicSound: share.epidemicsound.com/fuc72d

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