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Thai police hunt Indian fugitive over murder of Burmese man in Bangkok


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태국 경찰, 방콕서 미얀마 남성 토막 살인 혐의로 인도인 남성 수배

We move over to Thailand, where an international manhunt is underway for an Indian fugitive who allegedly murdered and dismembered a jobseeker, in the Thai capital of Bangkok.
The victim, a 35-year-old Myanmar national was found dead and mutilated inside a freezer by other jobseekers.
The suspect, 22-year-old recruiter Pragadeesh Kumar Sundaravel , was seen on CCTV footage buying the brand-new freezer in which the victim was stored.
Police also discovered a chainsaw and two large bloodstained knives hidden in a box.
Kumar allegedly rented accommodation for six Myanmar nationals in Bangkok and charged them around 620 U.S. dollars each for document processing and job applications.
The suspect reportedly left Thailand for Chennai, India on January 20th.

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2024-01-24, 09:00 (KST)

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