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Thai girls and Married a Thai Girl 🇹🇭🫶


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Unexplored places and interesting traditions in Thailand , Village life in 🇹🇭 Thailand

Phuket City, on Phuket Island, is the capital of Thailand’s Phuket Province. In the Old Town, Thalang Road is lined with colorful 19th-century shophouses and Sino-Portuguese buildings. Built in 1903 by a wealthy tin merchant, Baan Chinpracha mansion has Italian floor tiles, shuttered windows and antique furniture. Set in a 1930s manor, the Thai Hua Museum has exhibits on Phuket’s culture and history.― 
Area: 12.56 km²
Population: 79,308 (2020)
Metro population: 250,474

1-) https://youtu.be/ogqgBRU1qwg
2-) https://youtu.be/-0hzoszBWi8?si=il7TvxZPAnelrndk

My first documentary Dark side of Bangkok

1-) https://youtu.be/oaH1D1RZEZ8?si=5XBw2P4pMe7Woeb5
Learn how village life in Thailand

2-) https://youtu.be/oakQNP4Z53M?si=kzpg1q4QsOord5Qz
Life Without spending money,Possible? https://youtu.be/mEqJrcz-ij0?si=V4L1yqUkTgHzwLs9
Reasons why retired men should live in Thailand?🇹🇭

3-) https://youtu.be/Rgn9KQtbxMI?si=GxAcnv0GCGnoh3Xp
What is inside MBK Center?

4-) https://youtu.be/qUfZM5xOUoY?si=3OfuphO5rVsaUoJd
Bangkok Tour,where you can shopping best prices?

5-) https://youtu.be/lq2NlkD3gxA?si=c3CCYRotwk3rcjTM
Asian biggest market Big bigger biggest 6-) https://youtu.be/X0ZwKQu_dWo?si=ODH0r5kUvlhJwNtw
Why foreigners misunderstand Thai girls

7-) https://youtu.be/cKuYMqlr02g?si=mZsk-bL6gV8Xlqrx
I buy my first car

😎 https://youtu.be/O6_pstCSNac?si=7mq4ve-v_J7ljriF

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