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Teenage gunman opens fire in Bangkok mall, killing at least 2 and injuring 5


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방콕 시내 호화 쇼핑몰서 14살 총기 난사 2명 사망

A deadly shooting spree in a well-known shopping mall in Thailand’s capital Bangkok has left at least two people dead.
The police have arrested a 14-year-old suspect who they say had been receiving psychiatric treatment.
Lee Kyung-eun has the details.

Hundreds of people scream and race into the streets in Thailand’s capital Bangkok after gunshots rang out at a luxury mall.
On Tuesday a 14-year-old boy opened fire at Siam Paragon mall in the city’s crowded tourist hotspot killing at least two foreigners –both women one from China and one from Myanmar.
Five others were also wounded.
Shoppers recall that the chaos happened in just a few minutes and multiple gunshots were heard.

“I feel frightened. I never thought something like this was going to happen. I live pretty close to this place. Now I feel relief as the suspect has been arrested.”

“We see all the people run, run, run, we don’t understand why it’s happened, and so we go after them, and after that we hear shots, various shots.”
YAHAV: “Various shots.”
“Yes, yes.”
“Like six, seven shots.”

The teenage suspect was taken into custody after a police officer apprehended and handcuffed an individual lying face down on the floor at the mall.
Little information is given about the suspect who the police stress is “very young” and protected by the Child Protection Act but told media that he had been receiving psychiatric treatment.

“He is being treated for a mental illness at the Rajavithi Hospital. He didn’t take his medicine. He said he felt someone talked to him and told him to shoot someone. He felt like he had another personality.”

While mass shootings are rare in Thailand the incident marks the latest high-profile gun violence to rock the country.
It comes a year after an ex-police officer killed 35 people.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.

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