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Save Time and Money! Insider’s Guide to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport: Thailand travel guide 2024


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Everyone coming to Thailand should see this!!!! Your first 30 mintues to Thailand! I will walk you around Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to show you all things you need to know including Thailand SIM card, money exchange, transporations to the city from the airport and etc.

You going to like it!!

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My name is CHON. Born and raised in Thailand, traveled to more than 70 cities 40 countries around the world. Been showing my country to my friends from around the world , so I decide to make this channel. Think of me as your new Thai friend, who will provides you tips and recommendation about travel to Thailand. Good food, good place and good hotel. Hope it helps.

Nice to meet you.
your new friends from Thailand

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00:00 Introduction
01:34 Suvarnabhumi airport arrival
02:28 Thailand SIM CARD
03:11 DTAC TRUE SIM card
03:39 AIS SIM card
05:23 car rental
05:53 GRAB pickup point
06:33 food and drink
11:23 grab not uber
12:39 public transportation
13:13 taxi stand
16:58 Bus
18:10 food court
22:45 Airport rail link
24:10 Money exchange

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