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Posture Analysis & Magnetotherapy with Thai Physical Doctor | unintentional ASMR Thai soft spoken


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When was the last time you met a physical therapist, or have you ever met him?
in this video, let’s dive into my experience of meeting a Physical therapy Doctor for the first time. I guarantee you will be impressed with their kindness and amazing service!πŸ₯°πŸŒŸ
*Stay tuned for episode 2: Acupressure and Massage performed by Thai Traditional Medicine Doctor*
I hope you enjoy watching this relaxing, satisfied unintentional ASMR in real life, real sound, and real person.

πŸ“Shop: CHANCHIVA WELLNESS, Nonthaburi, Thailand https://www.chanchiva.com/en/
πŸ’Έ Treatment I got: “RAKSHA & RELAX” (Doctor Consultation + Physical Treatments + Thai Acupressure and Massage), the whole program takes about 3 hours

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πŸ”– Chapters:
00:00 – Preview
00:49 – Arrive at the wellness clinic
01:57 – Reception
03:09 – Medical history talk with Physical Therapy Doctor
05:29 – Physical Therapy Doctor explains about Posture
07:46 – Standing posture analysis
11:07 – I have a knee bulge, there is a chance of osteoarthritis
13:28 – Preparing for spinal bone check
13:41 – Spinal posture analysis
16:37 – Neck posture analysis
18:01 – How will they treat me?
18:20 – Pulsed Electro Magnetic therapy with Physio Megneto Machine (PMS). What is it?
19:16 – Warm-up Magnetic Therapy (PMS) Level 5% / Test it on my lower back
20:36 – *As seen on preview* scene
22:47 – Shoulders – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
25:19 – Legs – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
25:53 – Level 10% – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
26:59 – Release muscle of my knee bulge with Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
27:50 – Level 15% – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
28:47 – Level 20% – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
29:19 – Level 25% – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
30:19 – Level 30% – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
31:14 – Level 35% – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
31:49 – *My Preferred Level, Must watch* 40% (Strong) – Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
33:15 – *Satisfying Moment, Must watch!*
34:55 – How I feel after the Magnetic Therapy (PMS)
35:36 – Ultrasound Machine to reduce muscle contraction and accelerate tissue repair
38:42 – Muscle Stretching
40:04 – Finishing with Physical Therapy Doctor (Thai Softspoken)

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