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Philippines' Heatwave: Relief Options For The Poor And The Affluent | An Unequal Heatwave


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Amid one of the most severe heatwaves in the Philippines’ history, Danica struggles to keep her four children cool. The single mother’s home in the slums of Manila offers scant protection from the sun, and she scavenges the streets at night to pay for water and ice – which are getting costlier.

In Valenzuela City, city officials deploy mobile shower trucks for residents who lack adequate water.

Meanwhile, businessman Patrick and his wife were able to move to a cooler mountainous suburb two hours from Manila. As yearly temperatures rise, he’s made a business out of using heat-repellent car window film to shield the house windows of those who can afford it.

WATCH MORE An Unequal Heatwave: How Asia’s Poor And Affluent Are Coping
India: https://youtu.be/5DD_dj3kFNY
Bangkok: https://youtu.be/mJN6aoPT-ck

0:00 Manila’s record heat
0:36 Filipinos share creative ideas to cool down on social media
1:09 Single mother of four struggles with heat in slums
2:57 Mobile shower trucks deploy in Valenzuela City
4:51 Businessman moved to Silang for its cooler climate
7:29 A business opportunity in nano ceramic film
8:59 Mum scavenges streets at night with kids
12:15 Average temperature to rise by 4 deg C?
13:10 Call for more initiatives to deal with the heat

About the show: Amid a record heatwave, we follow affluent and poor families in Mumbai, Manila and Bangkok to see how means and access impact ability to cope. What solutions are needed to deal with future heatwaves?
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