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[Part For Ever] EP01 | Princess forced to marry the new city lord who overthrew her father | YOUKU


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Watch the full episode on YOUKU international APP if you’re from the following regions: Thailand; Indonesia; Vietnam; Malaysia; Singapore; Philippines; Hong Kong, China; Macau, China; Taiwan, China. Welcome to download YOUKU international APP to stream “Part For Ever” anywhere with multi subtitles. Join the membership of YOUKU international APP, and you will also have the access to more member-only episodes ahead of time!

▶Full episodes: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIPiKkS-FpK-mn2XPJv5w6_lHeNfRpL43

[Part For Ever 婉婉如梦霄] After lurking in the shadows for many years, Ling Xiao transforms and becomes the powerful new city lord. Driven by vengeance, he forces Su Wan’er, the daughter of the former city lord, to become his pawn. Despite the deep-rooted enmity between them, they find themselves entangled in a web of love and hate amidst numerous plights and moments of protecting one another. What does the future have in store for them?

★Starring: Cai Zhengjie / Jiang Yuan Yarong / Yuan Ziming / Zhang Kaiyue / Huang Chuyao / Sui Mingyang

[Part For Ever] EP01 | Princess forced to marry the new city lord who overthrew her father | YOUKU

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