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OUR 20th VISIT to BANGKOK (why we keep coming back)


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Thanks to Magic for sponsoring today’s video!

In today’s episode, we’re back in one of our favorite cities in the world: Bangkok, Thailand❤️

We love coming here to catch up on work, hang out with incredible people, get travel chores in order, and eat lots and lots of FOOD! Come along as we show you some of our favorite things to do here and what our lives are like when we spend a week or more in one of our personal most well-visited cities!


We’re Oskar🧔🏻 and Dan👱🏻‍♂️, and we believe that anyone regardless of who they are deserves to live their dreams! For the past nine years, we’ve continued pushing boundaries by traveling and living all across the world, including places like Uganda, Brunei, and Saudi Arabia. In 2022, we reached a huge milestone by visiting 100 countries and we’re now on a mission to keep sharing our journey and hopefully make the world a little more open, compassionate, and peaceful along the way❤️

Thank you for being a part of the journey!


– Instagram: www.instagram.com/oskaranddan

– Music: http://share.epidemicsound.com/nqD7H


Thailand was country 24🌍 (first visited in 2017)

Thank you for watching!🙏😍

0:00-0:28 Back in Bangkok!
0:29-0:52 Tips for getting a taxi quickly
0:53-1:34 What we get up to in this video
1:35-4:15 One of our FAVORITE restaurants in the world
4:16-6:33 Vegan food fair!
6:34-8:25 Thailand has SO much to offer (feat. Magic)
8:26-11:02 Doing laundry (don’t make these mistakes)
11:03-11:55 Pad Thai with ants?
11:56-13:44 Buying the iPhone 15 (revealing ALL our gear)
13:45-14:41 Siam Paragon Food Court
14:42-15:17 Oskar’s new OnlyFans
15:18-17:00 An amazing old town restaurant
17:01-18:01 Why are there so many Thai restaurants around the world?
18:02-19:11 Our favorite dessert!!
19:12-20:22 Bangkok old town temples

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