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Opening NEW Rama IX Bridge Bangkok – Walking the Highway 🇹🇭 Thailand


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NEW Rama IX Bridge Opening Celebrations Now. It is possible to walk the Highway over the Chao Phraya. There is a Thai streetfood Market and Live Music.

This weekend you can visit the bridge on 17th and 18th of February 2024 and next weekend on the 23rd, 24th and 25th. The Bridge opens at 4 pm and closes at 10 pm.

00:00 Intro
00:19 Getting There
02:01 Rama 9 Bridge Registration
03:08 Walking the New Rama 9 Bridge
10:22 Streetfood Market

Rama 9 Bridge Updates :

🎥 – New Rama 9 Bridge Construction Dec 2022 : https://youtu.be/KBlgwLuSg28
🎥 – Rama 9 Bridge Construction update Dec 2021 : https://youtu.be/qGg0qFF00Mc
🎥 – Rama 9 Bridge Update June 13 2021 : https://youtu.be/WODEUpl5Ozc
🎥 – Bhumibol 1 Bridge : https://youtu.be/z8AH4pp53uU

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