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6:04 AM, Monday, 4 March 2024

MY MISTAKE Moving to Thailand


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Don’t do THIS in Thailand! Learn from my MISTAKES. When I moved to Thailand, Keis told me, Tempus told me – but did I listen…? NOPE! I let my ego run wild and surely enough, it all came back to bite.
👇The Tides Are Changing.. Don’t Miss the Boat!👇

Today I speak very candidly about moving to Pattaya, Thailand and the terrible mistakes I made. I discuss binging and spending vs health and budgeting.
I talk about saving money when relocating to Pattaya, Thailand and reveal happened when I let grog get the better of me in downtown Treetown. This may not be an easy watch but I believe it’s worth saying should it help others from making the same mistakes. I need to do better – and I will.


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