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My Dream Plans for My Teak House in Thailand | Adding a Third Floor? | Expat’s 1st Business Journey


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I’m slowing down since the accident and toning done stage one building plans but in this video I sharey dream vision for the teak house. this will be stage 3

Unveiling My Dream Plans for a Teak House in Thailand: Adding a Third Floor? | Expat’s First Business Journey
Welcome to my channel! Join me as I reveal my ambitious dream plans for my teak house nestled in the heart of Thailand. In this video, I explore the possibility of adding a third floor to my humble abode, showcasing the potential transformations and expansions that await. From breathtaking views to innovative design concepts, embark on this journey with me as I share footage of my house and discuss my experiences as an expat navigating my first business venture in Thailand. Subscribe for more updates and follow along as we turn dreams into reality!
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