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Moving To Bangkok In Twelve Steps


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I put together a “Moving to Bangkok in Twelve Steps” guide. I’ve made hundreds of videos around Bangkok over the last few years. I’ll link those videos below if you want to go deeper into a certain subject.
00:00:00 Start
00:01:31 Section One: Fly to Bangkok From the US
00:04:46 Section Two: Do I Need A Visa?
00:06:18 Section Three: Will My US Phone Work?
00:10:14 Section Four: Can I Use US Credit Cards?
00:16:23 Section Five: Do I Need A US Address?
00:18:50 Section Six: Getting A Condo Lease
00:24:44 Section Seven: What To Bring To Thailand
00:31:45 Section Eight: Getting Money Sent To Thailand
00:36:30 Section Nine: Do I Need A Thai Bank Account?
00:42:49 Section Ten: Do I Need A Thai Visa Agent?
00:50:18 Section Eleven: Do I Need To Speak Thai?
00:54:22 Section Twelve: Emergency Living Solo In Thailand

Video Links To Other Detailed Videos

(Section One) Fly To Bangkok: https://youtu.be/brxDb07-nO4

(Section Four) Using My US Credit Cards: https://youtu.be/CFTZp8VyvFI

(Section Six) Getting A Condo: https://youtu.be/FZWnX9hYp0U https://youtu.be/FTbxv96H0QI
https://youtu.be/zRCUnsCVecM https://youtu.be/pu1G9LQmNi4

(Section Seven) What To Bring To Thailand: https://youtu.be/C2M_tVwAevs

(Section Eight) Bringing Money To Thailand: https://youtu.be/ELf3mT31krM

(Section Ten) Do I Need A Visa Agent: https://youtu.be/ec5-ypX3nBY

Here’s A Link To My Playlist On Mistakes I’ve Made & Health Info:

Check out the travel cards I use. If you’re from the US, maybe they will work for you. Plus, I receive a few miles for sending them a new customer. If the card is a good fit, I thank you for using my link.

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Consider subscribing. I’m out exploring Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. Also, many side trips in SE Asia and beyond. Saving money as an expat. Bangkok streets, amazing food and music. Hanging out in Thailand with digital nomads and other retired people. Meeting people from all over the world. Hopefully you’ll get an idea of the perfect area in Thailand for you. #thailand, #sukhumvit, #bangkok, #expat living

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My YouTube video on Airline Miles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JFnzGS4ACg&t=0s

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