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Marcos' Philippines Confronts China In South China Sea: Is Conflict Imminent? | Insight


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It has been two years since President Marcos Jr won the Philippines’ Presidential race, and tensions are high in the South China Sea. Each day brings new confrontations between Chinese and Filipino vessels in the disputed waters.

In a departure from his predecessor, President Duterte’s stance, President Marcos Jr has had a tumultuous relationship with China. From cancelling BRI projects to brinkmanship in the South China Sea, relations between Manila and Beijing have deteriorated. At the same time, the Philippines draws closer to the US, potentially changing the complexion of US-China rivalry in the Indo-Pacific.

As each side assert their claims, are we one miscalculation away from armed conflict?

00:00 Introduction
01:21 Escalating tensions in South China Sea
09:55 Marcos Jr.’s transparency strategy
12:27 A Philippine island caught between superpower rivalry
16:41 Closer U.S.-Philippine military ties
23:22 Why the Philippines cancelled Belt and Road projects
27:49 Diversifying the Philippines’ economic partners
34:22 China-Philippines joint energy exploration: what happened?
42:09 Why ASEAN has been quiet on South China Sea tensions

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