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Living in Bangkok on $3000/month – Cost of Living Thailand


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This is what life is like in Bangkok, Thailand for a young family with a budget of $3,000 per month. Cost of living in Thailand, explained.
Thai Food, School, Condo Rent, and more will be covered to give you a full picture of the life you can live in Thailand with this budget.

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0:00 Cost of Living in Bangkok
1:00 Family Life in Thailand
2:06 Breakfast and Lunch Costs
3:41 Bangkok Market
4:04 Cost for Dinner
5:00 Entertainment
7:39 Rent and Condo Tour
10:10 Utilities and Mobile Phone
11:39 School in Bangkok
13:25 Work and Thai Visa
14:20 Shopping
16:00 Transportation
17:26 Travel
18:26 Nomad Health Insurance
20:10 Cost of Living (USA vs Thailand)

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