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Lessons and Stories from Thailand’s Culinary Master @chefmcdangChannel


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As a thank-you for OTR’s 100,000 subscriber milestone, we arranged a very special video- a sit-down lunch and unfiltered conversation with the great Chef McDang, Thailand’s culinary secret-keeper and the authority on Thai cuisine. For an hour, Chef tells us the stories of his childhood in the palace, explains the truths behind what makes Thai cuisine unique, and answers your questions, as well.

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0:00 – Chef McDang’s Last Meal
1:13 – Introduction
2:52 – Expectations vs. Reality
5:24 – The Basis of Thai Food
6:54 – The Nine Essentials
8:08 – Tom Yum and Khao Soi
12:51 – The Thai Food Revolutions
15:28 – Chef McDang
17:06 – Roots
23:33 – The Regions of Thai Cuisine
26:56 – Influences
29:22 – What Makes Thai Food…Thai Food?
32:16 – Adaptation and Adjustment
37:13 – How to Eat in Thailand
40:30 – Roots
41:57 – Viewer Questions
43:00 – Unknown Dishes
43:29 – How is Thai Food Changing?
45:20 – Foreigners
48:55 – Deep Frying
51:06 – Secrets to Fish Cakes
53:36 – The Haircut
54:37 – Conclusion

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