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Learning Thai Language: A Magic Thai Word for Fluent Speaking #LearnThaiOneDayOneSentence EP118


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สวัสดีค่ะ /sà-wàt-dee kâ/
In this comprehensive Thai language lesson, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of a unique Thai word, “ค่อยๆ (kôi kôi).” This word is nothing short of magical for those on the journey to fluent speaking. While challenging to translate directly into English, it holds the key to achieving authentic and fluid Thai conversations. I will provide you with a deeper understanding and the tools you need to incorporate it naturally into your Thai speech. Enhance your language skills and unlock the secrets to sounding truly Thai in your conversations.
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Gradually, Carefully, Slowly
ค่อย ๆ
/kôi kôi/

1. I gradually get used to the Thai weather
ผมค่อย ๆ ชินกับอากาศเมืองไทย
/pŏm kôi kôi chin gàp aa-gàat meuuang tai/

2. I got out of bed and walked slowly to the door
ฉันลุกจากเตียง แล้วค่อย ๆ เดินไปที่ประตู
/chán lúk jàak dtiiang láew kôi kôi dern bpai têe bprà-dtoo/

3. My Thai is gradually getting better since I moved to live in Thailand
ภาษาไทยของผมค่อย ๆ ดีขึ้นตั้งแต่ย้ายมาอยู่เมืองไทย
/paa-săa tai kŏng pŏm kôi kôi dee kêun dtâng dtàe yáai maa yòo meuuang tai/

4. Slow down (speaking)
ค่อย ๆ พูด
/kôi kôi pôot/

Slow down (walking)
ค่อย ๆ เดิน
/kôi kôi dern/

Slow down (eating)
ค่อย ๆ กิน
/kôi kôi gin/
ค่อย ๆ กิน ก็ได้
/kôi kôi gin gôr dâai/
5. Decrease the volume (speaking)
พูดค่อย ๆ
/pôot kôi kôi/

Walking quietly
เดินค่อย ๆ
/dern kôi kôi/

Practice: I gradually like her more

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