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Japan: From Tokyo's Busy Streets to Kyoto's Serenity | Japanese Traditions, Coffee and Food


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Japan never ceases to amaze me! That’s why I’m here again. We’ve already discovered Japanese architecture and streets, so it’s time to delve deeper into their extraordinary customs and delicious cuisine. I’ve talked with a few migrants living in Japan to explore new, surprising traditions and secrets to local life. Why do the Japanese seek Gods’ help to divorce? How did it become a mecca for speciality coffee gourmets? How do you eat poisonous fugu fish and survive? What do the Japanese do on a night out? Join me and find out!

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00:00:00 Welcome to Japan!
00:01:13 How did Japan change?
00:02:15 Why face masks have always been a thing in Japan?
00:03:10 Japanese frown upon illegal migrations
00:04:48 How to be a gentleman in Japan? Local relationship and marriage customs
00:08:41 Why would you gift something to guests at your wedding?
00:10:14 Dating life in Japan
00:11:05 Adult fun in Tokyo
00:19:08 What are the risks of nights out in Japan?
00:19:48 Local tiny bars
00:22:20 The best hangover cure, Japanese swear by
00:23:51 Who are the Yakuza?
00:25:25 Clean homeless in Japan
00:28:58 Japanese ghetto
00:30:44 How do pensioners feel needed?
00:33:48 Hi-tech but conservative Japan
00:37:23 Rules are for all! Why did the local mayor resign?
00:38:35 How the emperor travels across the country
00:39:37 Attending a religious ceremony in Japan
00:41:09 Buddhism and Shintoism in Japan
00:44:14 Colourful monkeys in a Japanese Temple
00:46:38 Coffee ceremony
00:59:06 How to choose the best sake?
01:00:29 Why is Japanese wine different?
01:01:29 Japanese Restaurants: how to prepare the perfect steak?
01:10:16 Why is sushi in Japan different to Europe?
01:11:52 How to eat sushi like a pro?
01:14:57 Eating poisonous fish!
01:20:11 Do they give tips in Japan?
01:22:35 Street food and supermarkets
01:27:37 Conclusion

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