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Introduction to The Teachings of The Buddha at Wat Tung Yu


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Introduction to The Teachings of The Buddha at Wat Tung Yu

This course is an introduction to The Teachings and practices of The Buddha.

You will learn “What is a Buddha”, “What The Teachings of The Buddha are and are not”, how a Practitioner can develop a “life practice” based on independent verification of Gotama Buddha’s Teachings to determine if they are true or false.

Students will be introduced to how they can acquire wisdom through learning, reflecting (i.e. independently verifying), and practicing The Teachings of The Buddha, leading to Enlightenment.

Students will learn the very first Teaching of The Buddha which describes the problem in the unEnlightened mind, the cause of the problem, the elimination of the problem, and the path to eliminating the problem. Students can experience a break through to finally understand what is causing the discontent feelings in their mind and how to eliminate them on The Path to Enlightenment.

At the conclusion of this course, Students will have learned an introduction to these Teachings and an introduction to developing a meditation practice to eliminate discontent feelings from the mind such as sadness, anger, frustration, irritation, annoyance, guilt, shame, fears, boredom, loneliness, shyness, jealousy, resentment, stress, anxiety, etc.

The Enlightened mind will experience peacefulness, calmness, serenity, and contentedness with joy – permanently. The Enlightened mind will no longer experience any discontent feelings and this course can be your first step in that direction.

Teachings & Discussions (Dhamma Talk)
– Introduction to The Teachings of The Buddha
– The Four Noble Truths: Establishing Right View

Meditation Practice
– Meditation Instruction: Breathing Mindfulness Meditation
– Meditation Positions: Seated​

(There are no prerequisites for this course. You can also attend this course online via Live Stream or Zoom.)

Learn More: https://www.buddhadailywisdom.com/courses-retreats-in-chiang-mai-thai

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Daily Wisdom – Walking The Path with The Buddha
Dedicated to the education of Gotama Buddha’s Teachings to attain Enlightenment.


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David Roylance is a dedicated Practitioner and Teacher of Gotama Buddha’s Teachings who has been part of the Thai community since 2001. He visited Thailand for the first time in 2002 and brought the Traditional Thai Healing Arts back to the United States of America to share with people in the Western World.

His Traditional Thai Healing Arts centers, located in the Washington DC area, provided traditional Thai healing arts to clients and educational opportunities to Students to explore the Thai healing arts, Thai culture, and The Teachings of Gotama Buddha. David is a published author with books on the topics of Traditional Thai Healing Arts and The Path That Leads to Enlightenment.

David has taught Gotama Buddha’s Teachings since 2005 in the United States of America. In 2015, he closed his businesses and relocated to Chiang Mai, Thailand to be closer to the Thai culture and the Thai Community of Buddhist Practitioners.

David shares Gotama Buddha’s Teachings with Household Practitioners and Ordained Practitioners in Chiang Mai, Thailand and around the world through courses, retreats, and special events providing guidance to help people attain Enlightenment – a peaceful, calm, serene, and content mind with joy.

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