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India’s Extreme Heatwave: How Mumbai's Urban Poor And Affluent Are Coping | An Unequal Heatwave


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As the city of Mumbai, India, bakes in an extreme heatwave in 2024, how does where one lives impact one’s capacity to cope? In the suburb of Bandra, the affluent live side by side with residents of the slums. We find out how successful entrepreneurs Shraddha and Raghav, who live in a spacious apartment, as well as auto rickshaw rider Feroz and his family, deal with the extreme heat.

Can one NGO’s roof initiative help slum dwellers, who have no access to air conditioning or expensive home retrofits, deal with extreme heatwaves forecasted in the years ahead? Vivek Gilani of the Fairconditioning Foundation talks about the solutions needed.

WATCH MORE An Unequal Heatwave: How Asia’s Poor And Affluent Are Coping
Bangkok: https://youtu.be/mJN6aoPT-ck

0:00 Mumbai’s worsening heatwave
1:30 How a home in the slums struggles with heat
3:58 Driving a rickshaw for 15 hours in the heat
4:56 Water scarcity in the slums
5:54 Indoor pool and gym to avoid afternoon sun
7:47 Impact of heatwave on income
9:00 Why houses in India’s slums are a heat trap
10:17 Ingenious ideas to retrofit slum roofs to beat the heat
13:40 How to stay hydrated in a heatwave
14:32 Changing weather: Effects of rain in a heatwave

About the show: Amid a record heatwave, we follow affluent and poor families in Mumbai, Manila and Bangkok to see how means and access impact ability to cope. What solutions are needed to deal with future heatwaves?
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