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How To Move To Thailand: A Guide For Expats (2024)


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If you’ve ever dreamed of moving to Thailand, today’s episode is for you! Simi runs a law firm helping new expats get set up in Bangkok and other parts of Thailand. Questions asked:

00:38 – Tell us about yourself and your law firm…
01:55 – How does one get a visa to live here in Thailand?
02:40 – How much would it cost to register a business here?
03:03 – What’s the time frame to set up a company?
03:29 – Tell us a bit about opening bank accounts here in Thailand…
04:14 – What’s the usual time frame to move here and find a place to live?
05:27 – How do you apply for a visa extension?
06:41 – Tell us about the requirement to employ Thai staff…
07:43 – What are the other options to move here?
08:27 – How do you apply for a retirement visa?
09:56 – Is it easy for retirees to move to Thailand?
10:33 – Tell us more about the education visa…
12:19 – Can expats get a Thai passport and become a citizen?
13:24 – Is it possible for digital nomads to stay on a tourist visa?
15:06 – What’s the process if a foreigner wants to buy a property here?
20:36 – Where do most of your clients typically want to live?
21:07 – Tell us about Sukhumvit…
22:06 – How are the schools here?
25:24 – What’s the process if a foreigner wants to buy a car here in Thailand?
26:31 – What’s the pollution situation here?
28:50 – What is an “Elite Visa?”
29:45 – What services does Umpire Legal offer?

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