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How To Get Your Drivers License in Thailand


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If you want to get your Thai Drivers License this video is a full guide on how to do it.

I’ll show you the entire process as I go through it, from preparing all the documents to visiting the Department of Land Transport. I’ll even show you where I went to get my Medical Exam.

As promised, here’s a link to check out the Safety Wing pricing calculators if you are looking for Health Insurance:
Nomad Health: https://b.link/safetywing/nomadhealth/retiredworkingforyou
Nomad Insurance: https://b.link/safetywing/nomadinsurance/retiredworkingforyou

More Links:
DLT Office: https://maps.app.goo.gl/5BHDndQA2wiySBp8A
WellMed Clinic: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Hs93tFQwSUdHWwNc6

Handy Thailand tools for you:
🇹🇭 LEARN TO SPEAK THAI: https://www.thailanguagechallenge.com/a/2147830747/LuoaQmdG
🏠 Buying or Renting Property in Thailand: https://retiredworkingforyou.com/realestate/
🍲 Experience Thailand Like a Local With My Mobile App: https://retiredworkingforyou.com/teenee/
🌴 Epic Thailand Group Tours: https://www.rw4utours.com
✈️ Free Flights, Meetups, and Fun: https://retiredworkingforyou.com/memberships/

My goal with this channel is to grow a community of Thailand Lovers who like to have fun. Day dreaming is encouraged here. Always remember, you only get so many trips around the sun… so make ’em count!

0:00 Get Your Thai Drivers License
0:48 Part 1: How to Prepare
4:10 Getting a Medical Certificate
8:44 Part 2: Department of Land Transport
14:31 Part 3: Tips For You

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