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How Much Money You REALLY Need to Retire in Thailand


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The exact amount of money you need to have saved to move to Thailand and retire is……revealed in this video.

This is the bare minimum that I’d recommend and won’t afford you a lavish lifestyle. I know a lot of people whose cost of living in Thailand is much more but I also know a lot who live here very happily with this budget.

Here is a link to the Health Insurance Pricing Calculator: https://bit.ly/47ghWfY

Here are some Tools to help you move to Thailand:
🏠 Buying or Renting Property in Thailand: https://retiredworkingforyou.com/realestate/
✈️ The best way to make friends in Thailand + a ton of other perks: https://retiredworkingforyou.com/memberships/
🍲 Experience Thailand Like a Local With This Free Mobile App: https://teenee.onelink.me/6pHT/RW4U
🌴 Epic Thailand Group Tours: https://www.rw4utours.com

0:00 How Much Money to Retire in Thailand
1:21 Cost of Living
2:29 Part 1: The Hard Costs
2:45 Retirement Visa
4:21 Relocation Expenses
6:59 Your First Month in Thailand
7:56 Health Insurance
9:28 General Living Expenses
11:42 Total Monthly Cost of Living
12:43 Unexpected Costs
15:29 Grand Total You Need Saved
17:26 The Biggest Risk
18:57 Should You Do It?

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