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Hindu Gods Worshipped in Other Countries – China, Thailand and Japan


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In world mythology, the might of Thor, the Roman god with his iconic mallet, resonates with the tales of our Indra Dev, wielding his vajra. But is this mere coincidence or a deeper connection spanning continents and cultures?

Venture to Japan, where familiar Hindu deities find a unique place in local lore. Benzaiten, reminiscent of Saraswati, and Daikokuten, echoing Lord Shiva, showcase the blend of cultures. Egypt’s tales of Rah and Ptah further hint at shared ancient narratives with Hinduism.

Could ancient land masses like Gondwana be the key to these connections? Dive into this exploration as we trace Hinduism’s footprints across the globe. Like, share, and subscribe to ‘Raaz’ for more ansuni, andekhi, ankahi kahaaniya.

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