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Hiking | Beginner Slow Thai Stories | Listening Practice


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In this Slow Thai series, I read Thai stories in a slow, easy-to-understand speed. I include English subtitles and transliteration. This should help improve your listening skill.

This story is a father that likes to hike with his children.


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Hi, welcome to Thai with Grace. My name is Grace. I am from Thailand and I’ve been teaching Thai for over ten years. I am a language learner myself and I can speak over 10 languages (check out my Polyglot channel here: https://www.youtube.com/@polyglotgrace)

In this channel, I upload videos for everyone who wants to learn Thai. The videos are about Thai grammar, Thai expressions, Thai vocabulary, Thai travel vlogs, stories in Thai, and more. You’ll find content for beginners – advanced learners.

What makes my videos special is that 99% of my videos are all spoken in Thai and they include English, Thai, and transliteration subtitles. So you get to learn Thai through Thai!

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