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Five reasons expats are leaving Thailand in 2024. Why do westerners who retire in Thailand leave?


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🔴For many of us, to retire in Thailand is a dream. So why do some expats leave Thailand and return home in 2024? I see this happen with westerners living in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and throughout Thailand. It is not just one region. This is also true of foreigners who are not yet retired, but planned to live in Thailand long-term. I’ve boiled it down to five reasons why expats fail to find happiness living in Thailand. Identifying and analyzing these reasons will help you not fall victim to the same things. Happily, they are all avoidable, if you know what to prepare for and if you have the right outlook about retiring in Thailand.

I actually don’t think the number of expats leaving Thailand is high. In fact, I think expats in Bangkok and expats in Chiang Mai and Pattaya and Phuket and elsewhere are quite content with their lives here in Thailand. Thanks to the friendly Thai people, great food, super inexpensive prices, excellent affordable healthcare and a low crime rate make Thailand a great place to live and retire, So is it Thailand that fails the expat? Or the expat who fails adapting to Thailand?

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Before you retire in Thailand, or move to Thailand, check our our videos about Thailand cost of living (particularly in Chiang Mai) https://youtu.be/_I56pgxJ-b4

And tips for living a happy, fulfilling and healthy life in Chiang Mai at a low cost. https://youtu.be/24e7zGQS58Q

-Our playlist about Chiang Mai: living, retiring or visiting our city: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZyWJi9WEZ-3o9zPk9x75bO4Lui5K5D4y
-Our playlist about Thailand: living, retiring or visiting: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZyWJi9WEZ-2CKz5xdsFc490BOVK9YLqY

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16:28 Happiness / Lonlieness
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