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Extreme BUTTER CHICKEN!! 🇮🇳 Best Indian Food You Have to Try! (Original Ghee Roast)


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🇮🇳 Indian Seafood Heaven in Mangalore: https://youtu.be/2T5wIxfF89U
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MANGALORE, INDIA – Welcome to the Karnataka state of India, and today we’re eating the original recipe for ghee roast chicken, a type of chicken made with ghee (clarified butter) and thick red chili masala paste. It’s something truly magical that will hit every taste bud you can imagine.

But first, we’re going on a food tour in Mangalore to eat some Indian foods and Indian street foods you can’t miss when you visit.

Lakshmi Nivas KT Hotel (https://maps.app.goo.gl/3uSRd44Y1yahgTQ69) – For breakfast in Mangalore we first headed to a breakfast canteen to try famous KT – Kalladka Tea, a type of local tea where the milk and tea are separate in your cup. We also tried the famous Mangalore bun, a fried bun sweetened with ripe banana. This place is legendary and highly recommended when you’re in Mangalore.

Sitharam Chat Charmuri Corner (https://maps.app.goo.gl/VrvGRHcF3JxqJH1h8) – One of the great Indian street foods snacks in Mangalore is Charmuri – rice puffs, egg, mango, masala and this is a perfect place to try it.

Pabba’s Ice Cream (https://maps.app.goo.gl/BYtxC8UnobE7AdXD8) – Known to be one of the most famous ice cream parlors, not just in Mangalore, but in all of India, Pabba’s Ice Cream is extremely popular. We tried some of their signature ice cream, but the best thing was their paan ice cream, which tasted exactly like a paan.

Mirchi Bajji – KSRTC Bus Stand – In the afternoon, one of the great Indian street food snacks is mirchi bajji, or fried green peppers, seasoned with masala and vegetables.

Shetty Lunch Home (https://maps.app.goo.gl/nNGbskPGVnf66CDw8) – For the main event of the day we headed to Shetty Lunch Home where they invented one of the most famous dishes in the entire state of Karnataka; ghee roast chicken. The legendary chicken ghee roast was invented by the Shetty family who actually opened their first restaurant in the nearby town of Kundapur. But in time, they opened a new and original branch in Mangalore. That branch is still owned and operated by their daughter. To make ghee roast, add a lot of ghee (clarified butter) and simmer it down with red masala chili paste, ginger and garlic, and green masala paste. You have to really simmer slowly and allow the ghee to roast, but not burn the masala until all flavors are roasted and released. Finally add the chicken and roast again. The process takes approximately 45 minutes. We ate chicken ghee roast with neer dosa, a soft rice flour pancake. The combination was unbelievably delicious. Another specialty and unlike any Indian food I’ve tried is their chicken kori roti, where the roti is actually crispy before it mixed with the gravy. Shetty Lunch Home is a legendary restaurant and a place you have to eat when you’re in Mangalore, India.

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