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Cost of Living in Bangkok πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡­ Condo Rentals


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Bangkok Real Estate prices have changed in 2024. But how? In this video, I will tour through 3 condo rental units is Punnawithi, Thong Lor, and Phrom Phong to show you.
If you are curious about the price of apartment rentals and cost of living in Thailand then watch these 3 tours and find out what $1,000 per month gets you these days. Hint: some pretty awesome spots!

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0:00 Bangkok Condo Prices
0:40 Punnawithi Overview
1:25 Condo Tour No. 1: $650
3:23 2 Bedroom Unit
7:44 Thai Food Recommendation
9:15 Condo Tour No. 2: $1,600
10:36 What’s changed in 2024?
12:02 Phrom Phong
12:33 Condo No. #3: $2,400
14:21 Short Term Leases
16:50 How to Work With an Agent

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