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Best FREE VPN 2023 Options 💥TOP 5 free VPNs reviewed (HONEST Opinion)


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Choosing the best free VPN can be tricky. While some keep your device secure, many turn out to be untrustworthy scams and are even dangerous. To find the best free VPN list, I’ve installed a handful of supposedly reliable VPNs, so let’s see how each one panned out.

=== Atlas VPN ===

Now my first recommendation, AtlasVPN, boasts some of the fastest free VPN speeds around thanks to its use of the Wireguard protocol. Of course, a free plan will almost never be as fast as its premium counterpart, but if speed is a top priority for you then AtlasVPN is an optimal choice. Keep in mind though, the Atlas VPN free version does cap you off at 5 GBs of data a month, which may seem restrictive for many, but should be enough for work or study. This deal also allows you to connect to unlimited devices simultaneously. Plus there are 2 different servers, one in the US and another in the Netherlands.

=== Proton VPN ===

While Atlas caps off your monthly GB allotment, my next provider ProtonVPN actually offers unlimited data for users. So if you’re looking for 24/7 security protection, the ProtonVPN free plan is definitely a suitable option. Though this plan is limited to 1 device connection per user. Aside from that it does have a decent server fleet with 50 servers in 3 different countries. Making it one of the best free VPN for PC options on the market.

=== Ivacy VPN ===

With that said, privacy is top-priority, and my next provider IvacyVPN offers maximum online anonymity for users. Since you don’t even need to register to start using it. This alone makes it a great free VPN for Windows option.

=== Windscribe ===

My next provider, on the other hand, offers a decent balance between security and features. Windscribe’s free VPN service includes all the necessary security features to keep my device safe. And unlike other providers, it even comes equipped with a secure Firewall feature to filter any harmful data from entering my network. Keep in mind though the company follows a minimal logging policy to keep track of data usage, however it is based in privacy-friendly Canada.

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0:21 Is Atlas VPN the best free VPN in 2023?
2:40 Proton VPN for free: a good free VPN option?
3:50 Should you use Ivacy VPN?
4:06 Is there a free VPN for torrenting?
5:02 Is Windscribe VPN a safe choice?
6:07 Is Hide. me VPN browser extension any good?
5:53 Conclusion

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