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A Food Trip to Thailand’s Sin City


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How is it possible that every village in Thailand seems to have a renowned local food scene, but one of the biggest cities in the country is a complete culinary void?

Scoffed at by Bangkok and ignored by food travelers, Pattaya has long held a reputation as a place you go for a party, but not for a good meal. But in a country packed with culinary surprises, that felt wrong. So OTR set off for a weekend in Pattaya with one goal- to find the city’s best food, and to learn the story of the people, places, and events that created Thailand’s Sin City- and keep a surprising and incredible food culture alive.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:25 – Searching Pattaya Cuisine
3:13 – The Origins of Sin City
5:36 – Pattaya’s Oldest Restaurant
8:33 – Foreigners
10:39 – Little Russia
11:49 – Russia and Thailand
13:59 – Uzbek Feast
16:26 – The Ambassador
19:42 – Tom Yam and Recovery
22:06 – Brunch with Rock & Roll Royalty
23:05 – Philanthropy
24:50 – Cabbages & Condoms
27:35 – Perception and Reality
30:03 – The Best Meal in Town?
34:14 – A Thai Perspective
35:27 – Last Thoughts

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